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The reason why none of the jewelry pieces shown on this page are not for sale, is because they were designed for the people who own them. I will make you an authentic Indian piece in a good way for the purpose it is going to be used. For example, if you are a dancer, or you need a piece for healing, or you want something to protect you when you travel, and so forth, I will design your piece of jewelry for the specific purpose you will use it.

I use only natural materials in every piece, silver, turquoise, bone, sinew, seeds, feathers and stone. And if you have something like a stone, or claw(s) you want me to include in the design I can put it in a beautiful handcrafted mounting the way you want it. The seeds I have gathered, and some stones I use I have found in nature, and I cut them, polish them, and mount them with good intention. To me this is true custom work, jewelry made with the colors, stone, and materials that reflect your needs and purpose. Nothing I make is ever duplicated or mass-produced, each piece is different and unique, made by hand just for you.

To order your custom designed jewelry please drop me an e-mail, include your phone number so we can discuss how you want me to make your personal Indian Jewelry. Prices begin at $200.

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